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About RomanceSecreto

Advantages of RomanceSecreto.com versus other sites:

RomanceSecreto.com is a confidential dating website, that is different than any other websites that you may have seen.

  • RomanceSecreto is free - chat and messages included.
  • Registration takes less than 30 seconds.
  • Once you have registered with RomanceSecreto.com you can immediately send messages and get in contact with other members.
  • RomanceSecreto respects your privacy. Your profile has a public part, and a private part. Only members who you authorize will have access to your private photos.

How can I contact people?

After you are registered, each profile that you view will display a message text box that allows you to send a private message to the owner of the profile. Your account will also include a mailbox that you can use to track messages that you have sent and received from other members. Additionally, for registered users, RomanceSecreto includes a free instant messaging system that allows you to have one-on-one chat conversations, as well as to join any of the many different chat groups that are available.

Some members are very popular and do not have time to respond to all of the messages that they receive. The more information and photos that you put into your profile, the more likely it is that you will receive responses from the other members of RomanceSecreto.

Members that are found to be harassing other members will be eliminated and banned from RomanceSecreto.

How can RomanceSecreto be free?

This website survives from VIP memberships - however, most of our members are perfectly happy with the totally free membership option.

VIP benefits:

  • Increased message quota that allows you to contact 10 new people every day, versus 1 new person every 3 days for non-VIP members.
  • You will be allowed to send and receive 10 message every 18 hours to each person that you have already had contact with, versus 1 message every 18 hours for non VIP members.
  • You will see the online status (Active, Idle, Away, or Offline) of all RomanceSecreto members.
  • You will see all of the other RomanceSecreto members that have viewed your profile over the past 30 days.
  • An increased limit on the number of "chat friends" to 200, versus 1 for non-VIP members. With each of your "chat friends" you can send unlimited chat messages.
  • You can modify your contact email address whenever you like (versus non VIP members which must permanently use the email address that they registered with).

The quality control policy in RomanceSecreto.com

To help us control the quality of our website, each profile will have a reporting button that will allow you to inform us of any profiles that might be considered unacceptable.

Would you like more information?

Send us an email at: support@romancesecreto.com